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Tag: sql-update

Update query with join and where clause

I’m currently confused with a (fairly easy) update statement that I’m trying to execute on a table. The two tables are as such: Customer table has the columns Loan table has the columns I would like to update the passworddisabled attribute to true if they are registered via a specific cash register. I’ve made use of the distinct command because

How to deduct sold quantity from stock tables in MySQL

I have two mysql tables. The two tables with the sample data are as follows. By this I want to build up a update query. This should deduct the quantity of the items in the sales table from the stock table. If such a query can be created in mysql it should be updated in ascending order on the stock_id

BigQuery – SQL UPDATE and JOIN

I have two tables. Table1 = dalio which is an event list with select customers. Table2 = master_list which is a master customer list from all past events. dalio has an “id” column that needs to be filled in with customer numbers, which can be pulled from master_list column called “customer_no”. All rows in the “id” column are currently blank.