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Tag: sql-update

Update query with join and where clause

I’m currently confused with a (fairly easy) update statement that I’m trying to execute on a table. The two tables are as such: Customer table has the columns Loan table has the columns I would like to update the passworddisabled attribute to true if they are registered via a specific cash register. I’ve made use of the distinct command because

How to deduct sold quantity from stock tables in MySQL

I have two mysql tables. The two tables with the sample data are as follows. By this I want to build up a update query. This should deduct the quantity of the items in the sales table from the stock table. If such a query can be created in mysql it should be updated in ascending order on the stock_id

BigQuery – SQL UPDATE and JOIN

I have two tables. Table1 = dalio which is an event list with select customers. Table2 = master_list which is a master customer list from all past events. dalio has an “id” column that needs to be filled in with customer numbers, which can be pulled from master_list column called “customer_no”. All rows in the “id” column are currently blank.

Python Script to run SQL query UPDATE statement to loop through each row in result set and update columns

Newby working on my first project. Sorry for this explanation. I have 2 x tables: t1: master table with single rows (unique project-id) and 3 status fields, s1,s2,s3 t2: list table with repeating project_id’s with 3 status fields s1,s2,s3 (and other data not relevant here). The value in the s1-3 fields is either true(1) or false(0) table1: project_id, status1, status2,

Update and renew data based on data in other tables

There are 3 tables student, course, and takes as following tot_cred column data in the student table now is assigned with random values (not correct), I want to perform the query that updates and renews those data based on the course’s grade each student has taken. For those students who received F grade will be excluded and those who didn’t