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Tag: triggers

How to insert data into table even if trigger fails?

Oracle 11.1 I have custom logging table where I insert data: I have a trigger that runs on a specific table which does some checkings. My problem is: when the trigger fails, I want to be able to log some data into the log_table. Trigger: The following code doesn’t work. I tried to use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE maybe to force it,

Validation trigger not working in SQL Server

I am working on a trigger for a class project. I have a table named salesman with a column named type. All employees in the table currently have a type of full, part or temp. The purpose of the trigger is to check a newly inserted row’s type and make sure that it matches one of the three that already

Trigger for INSERT to validate input data in SQL Server?

My problem: table dbo.student has StudentID like SV001. How can I create a trigger to check data inserted into dbo.student has a StudentID that begins with SV and the numbers in the range 000 to 100? Example: SV099 is valid id to insert, while SV101 is not valid Answer Use SQL constraints: Example : Demo in db<>fiddle Or if you

How to insert result of select query (with default if return no rows) as part of Postgres Function?

For my Nextjs website, I am configuring the backend to automatically add user information to a public.profiles table whenever a row is inserted into the auth.users table (automatically done through Supabase’s authentication). I have a public.college_emails table that contains the names of over 1700 colleges and the email tag associated with them. When a user creates an account with their

Trigger to create or update records in another table

Edit: This question is mostly solved. What I am still trying to do might require a different approach. I am adding a trigger to a legacy database table, in order to automatically create new records for a related table. This is not homework. Here is my DB Fiddle on SQL Server 2017. For example, here is what the parent