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Tag: java

Order by 2 columns with case

I have a query that searches for user in 2 colums firstUser and secondUser and orders them by first and last name: But this first orders the cases when user is at first user then it orders the case when user is secondUser. Is ther a way to order the whole data by first name and last name no matter

How to parse a Clickhouse-SQL statement using ANTRL4?

Objective : Add an additional WHERE clause to any given Clickhouse statement. I’m using the following Antlr grammars to generate Java classes for a lexer & parser. Lexer grammar Parser grammar Problem : I cannot figure out/understand how to interact or create the appropriate POJOs for use with the generated classes that Antlr produces. Example of statement Goal

Flyway does not insert values to database

I added flyway library to my spring project. I configurated it and wrote some instuctions, project compiles but flyway does not insert values provided into data base. Config of application.yml: Impl: [ressource folder] SQL instructions that must be insert: But after running application, they dont figure in database. The table is being created but fields are null. Answer I fixed

iText PDF: the document has no pages

I’m trying to do a date range based filter to export a report into a PDF; however, when I click to export the PDF, I get the following message: ExceptionConverter: The document has no pages. Here’s my PDF class’ code: And here’s the code of the PDF generation button: I believe there’s a problem with SQL and JDateChooser, since