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Complex SQL Query For Counting and Listing

I need to write complex sql for counting distinct names popularity and sorting them with descending order. I’ll do this with hibernate @Query(“SELECT * FROM …”) parameter. First I tried to do it on SQL then implement it to my spring boot project but I’m stuck while writing it. Sorted version: Answer I think you are looking for group by.

Socket closed inside XWM

I have an SQL exception inside a piece of code that works under and scheduled process every day. The patch of code is as follows: There should be no connection problems with this but today i have a socket closed exception in my log in: Here is my log: Any thoughts about why this could happen? First time this schedule

Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column

Error: Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column [curr_step] in table [risk_workflow]; found [varchar2 (Types#VARCHAR)], but expecting [number(19,0) (Types#BIGINT)] Please let me know how can we solve this? Column declaration in entity class “risk_workflow” WorkflowTaskRoleMapping entity: Answer The id of WorkflowTaskRoleMapping is a long and Hibernate maps it on the db with a column of type number(19,0). Hibernate expects the

Unknown column sql error while using jooq

Query: Error: Database: MYSQL, Database Name: ‘users’, JOOQ Version: 3.16.6 Answer Correlating derived tables isn’t supported in MySQL 5.7. Support has been added only in MySQL 8.0.14: jOOQ currently can’t work around this limitation, see: The solution is either: Upgrade your MySQL version Use a MULTISET_AGG based approach instead

how do i save a new student that contains entities, but don’t create these entities because they already exist in the database?

I want to save a student and a student has a TargetAudience object as an attribute. These target audiences are allready hardcoded in my database. (targetaudience = campus + major). Now when i post like this: it doesnt work because everythime it creates a new object for the campus and because i use name as a primary key it throws

Java to SQL Server using Windows Authentication

I am trying to connect to a remote SQL Server DB from a Java application without success. I am able to successfully connect to that SQL Server instance from a SQL client for Mac called SQLPro for MSSQL However, if I try to connect from the Java application using those same credentials, I always get a Login failed error, this

ERREUR : Unknown column ‘Accessoires’ in ‘where clause’

My query is throwing up this error while i have column Accessoires in table categorie Can anyone see why? I FIXED IT LIKE THIS: Answer Using bound parameters with a prepared statement likely fixes your bug and also solves the severe security issue. The likely reason your code has failed is that test was “Accessoires”, so the resulting SQL statement