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Tag: java

Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column

Error: Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column [curr_step] in table [risk_workflow]; found [varchar2 (Types#VARCHAR)], but expecting [number(19,0) (Types#BIGINT)] Please let me know how can we solve this? Column declaration in entity class “risk_workflow” WorkflowTaskRoleMapping entity: Answer The id of WorkflowTaskRoleMapping is a long and Hibernate maps it on the db with a column of type number(19,0). Hibernate expects the

Unknown column sql error while using jooq

Query: Error: Database: MYSQL, Database Name: ‘users’, JOOQ Version: 3.16.6 Answer Correlating derived tables isn’t supported in MySQL 5.7. Support has been added only in MySQL 8.0.14: jOOQ currently can’t work around this limitation, see: The solution is either: Upgrade your MySQL version Use a MULTISET_AGG based approach instead

how do i save a new student that contains entities, but don’t create these entities because they already exist in the database?

I want to save a student and a student has a TargetAudience object as an attribute. These target audiences are allready hardcoded in my database. (targetaudience = campus + major). Now when i post like this: it doesnt work because everythime it creates a new object for the campus and because i use name as a primary key it throws

Java to SQL Server using Windows Authentication

I am trying to connect to a remote SQL Server DB from a Java application without success. I am able to successfully connect to that SQL Server instance from a SQL client for Mac called SQLPro for MSSQL However, if I try to connect from the Java application using those same credentials, I always get a Login failed error, this

ERREUR : Unknown column ‘Accessoires’ in ‘where clause’

My query is throwing up this error while i have column Accessoires in table categorie Can anyone see why? I FIXED IT LIKE THIS: Answer Using bound parameters with a prepared statement likely fixes your bug and also solves the severe security issue. The likely reason your code has failed is that test was “Accessoires”, so the resulting SQL statement

Boolean values are not mapping properly when using multiset in JOOQ

The ProductCategoryDto class : CategoryAttribute class : The query with needs to be executed is The output for the query is Database create statements: Code generation configuration in pom.xml: I am getting all the boolean fields as null while they are not null in Actual data. How to map the boolean fields properly so that there will be no null

SQL Joins not working correctly when no data present

I’ve got the following code, where I build a tag from an entity Each tag has an id, name, description and how many questions it has, how many it has in a day, and how many it has in a week. The problem is, I can’t seem to display tags that have no questions tied to them, and also if

Create relationship between 2 tables JPA

Need help with setting up table relationships. So, there are 2 entities – Section and Period. 1 Section has many Period, but 1 Period do not belongs to any specific Section. I implemented this relationship as follows: created an additional table SectionCodes with an external key on Section (more in diagram) Section class: SectionPeriod: This works fine, but there is