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Tag: jdbc

Java to SQL Server using Windows Authentication

I am trying to connect to a remote SQL Server DB from a Java application without success. I am able to successfully connect to that SQL Server instance from a SQL client for Mac called SQLPro for MSSQL However, if I try to connect from the Java application using those same credentials, I always get a Login failed error, this

How to return deleted rows using jdbi?

How do I return the deleted rows using jdbi? For example, I’d like to do something like this: Answer Postgresql has a returning keyword… You can then execute that query in the same way as you would a normal SELECT statement, and get a result set back; containing the records deleted.

MySQL Java prepared statement Syntax error

I need to select rows from mysql table based on various criteria, for example Colour= Black, or size= L. The code works without the preparedstatement and the question marks, but whenever I attempt to use the question marks the code does not run. I have read something about typing the question mark like ‘?’// but I am not sure about

Is that possible that access to a sql table with question mark?

I have 3 sql tables customer, employee and manager. I want to access dynamically to my tables. I had a statement like this, But in this situation i can only access to customer. I need to access all of the tables for different operations. Is that possible to write this, or what can i do to access for example employee

can I place a sql query in a sql hana place holder

can I place a sql query in a sql hana place holder? the following query works: I am trying to pass something like the following: Currently getting a syntex error Answer As error says you, expressions are not supported for column view parameter: Can’t use column expression as column view parameter. However, there are options to calculate it: If your