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Tag: connection

Socket closed inside XWM

I have an SQL exception inside a piece of code that works under and scheduled process every day. The patch of code is as follows: There should be no connection problems with this but today i have a socket closed exception in my log in: Here is my log: Any thoughts about why this could happen? First time this schedule

Follow the connections : recursive query

i have two columns of numbers. the goal is starting from a number f.e. 55, to extract all ‘connected’ numbers (starting with any of those numbers, should yield the same result) in this case all numbers shown here : 55,56,35,69,60,22,47,2,26 I use the following query : but I get back only those back : 55,56,35,69,60,22,47 I think using this will

VBA Runtime Error when connection to SQL Database

I’m trying to connect to a SQL Server from multiple PCs in the same domain. When using the following code: conn.Open returns the error: Error on login for the user ‘XXXX’ Answer The issue is because you are using a named user with Integrated Security. These two modes are incompatible. Try removing Integrated Security=SSPI: Or the named user:

Postgres not allowing localhost but works with

Postgres not accepting connection if I say -h localhost but it works if I say -h My /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf If I add following line then Postgres service failed to start: Wwhat is wrong there? Update My /etc/hosts file: Answer In pg_hba.conf, the first match counts. The manual: The first record with a matching connection type, client address, requested database, and

How to test linkedserver’s connectivity in TSQL

I need to write a procedure to collect data from several remote servers, I use linkedservers and OPENQUERY to gather data from servers, but sometimes I lose connection to some servers or I simply can’t connect them (e.g. remote server is offline)- and OPENQUERY results in time-outs in these cases. So I wanted to check linkedservers connectivity first and then