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How to change data type in csv column

Using databricks with SQL, I have to import my csv dataset into a table and analyse data using it. My problem is after I imported csv dataset, all column are String type, but some of these need to be Numeric. How can I solve? How can I define the column types of a csv file? I tried converting file in

Can’t do Multiple Left Joins SQL Select (ODBC)

When I run the following SQL select statement with two left joins: I get the following error message in Excel VBA: “Run-time error ‘5’: Invalid procedure call or argument” When I run that exact same SQL without the left joins, it works without issue. I know the first SQL statement above is valid because it works just fine (joins-included) when

SQL query does not work in Excel but works in Access

For the code listed below, it runs fine except for the first SQL query. I’m pulling address and state information from the workbook, and running a query on the information to find the count of how many times the address appears in the table. If I run the code and stop it before the query is sent to Access, I

Split values from many columns accordingly over multiple rows

Firstly i obatin data from Excel and convert them into DataTable in C# project. Secondly i parse this DataTable into JSON string and send it to database as a stored procedure parameter. I want to perform the merge operation on some table with values from this JSON string parameter. Values from this parameter can be represented as such table: EQ

Present URI in database as clickable link

I have a table in a SQL Server 2019 that stores URI’s like this: These values are stored as nvarchar. Is there a way to make these clickable? So that, when this table is for example read by PowerQuery users only have to click the link to open the file? It is assumed that only those filetypes are allowed for

How do I properly input an sql where clause in VBA?

The where clause in the code below is throwing me an error. I just can’t seem to get the syntax right. Answer The values of the variables need to be added to the SQL, not their names, and the values need to be in an appropriate format. The following code will add the dates in yyyy-mm-dd format.