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How to change data type in csv column

Using databricks with SQL, I have to import my csv dataset into a table and analyse data using it. My problem is after I imported csv dataset, all column are String type, but some of these need to be Numeric. How can I solve? How can I define the column types of a csv file? I tried converting file in

Bulk insert csv file with semicolon as delimiter

I’m trying to import data from semicolon separated csv file into a SQL Server database. Here is the table structure The csv file is shown below: There are some columns that I don’t need, so I create a format file to import the data. The format file is shown as below Then I tried both bulk insert and bcp in

How to import values from csv to SqlServer using c#

I have come across this problem.I am trying to import data into a database from a csv file.Normally the insert part works,but now I keep getting an error: Arithmetic overflow error converting int to data type numeric . The statement has been terminated.It is probably because I have id as the first property,but if I “shift” the array by omitting

Postgresql: join readonly database with csv-file

The task is to join data from local cdv-file with data from remote database. On this database I have readonly writes. So I can’t create new tables in this db. Only recommended way (which I have found) to do this is to: 1. Create new table in db 2. Copy (import) content of csv-file in this new table. 3. Make