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Tag: hive

SQL SELECT with an extra column with more than 1 value

I have a table with column_1, column_2, column_3, and select it by: What I want is to add an extra column ‘hour’, it would have 24 possible values from 0 to 23. The outcome is to have every row [column_1, column_2, column_3] repeated 24 times with all possible 24 values of the extra column hour: How should I do it?

Hive SQL – time interval in 5 minutes

My data is too large to analyze since it is collecting every second or so. To reduce the data, I will like to group into interval of 5 minutes. I tried converting into unix timestamp and reverting it back, but didn’t work. I tried something like this Original data or output Desired output Answer I don’t know Hive, but make

How Create a hive external table with parquet format

I am trying to create an external table in hive with the following query in HDFS. getting error Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ParseException line 11:2 missing EOF at ‘LOCATION’ near ‘)’ What is the best way to create a HIVE external table with data stored in parquet format? Answer I am able to create table after removing property TBLPROPERTIES(“Parquet.compression”=”SNAPPY”)

How to replace exist in Hive with two correlated subqueries

I have a query that looks like this I researched and read that in Hive IN or EXIST are not supported statements. I read that a workaround for this would be to use a LEFT JOIN. I have tried this but I am having trouble with the GROUP BY I read that this needs to be paired always with

COUNT with CASE WHEN is showing the same result when using division

I have the following query which returns the sold products: I want to calculate the percentage of the sold products comparing to all products for product_category =7 : I get the result as 100, while I execute each query separately they don’t have the same result. Answer count() counts both 0 and 1s, it does not counts NULLs. Use ELSE

convert a single row into 2 rows on impala/hive

I have a huge table with millions of rows/IDs in the below format. I need to convert this into the below format so that the values are in 2 rows as shown below. Can you please help me with an impala/hive query to help with this? Thanks a lot. Answer I think a way would be this one: