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Oracle SQL : how to specify Time Zone Region

Underlined, as hours are not specified, that means that hour is ’00:00′ I would like to specify that this is for Europe/Paris time zone region. Can you help me set-up this ? Thanks Answer A DATE data type has the components: year, month, day, hour, minute and second. It ALWAYS has those components and NEVER stores anything else (such as

SQL Query between a date range and a time range in MariaDB

I’m having trouble writing this query to give me any results. I’m using MariaDB as well. The DATE_ADD clause works just fine and gives results within that interval, but as soon as I add in the TIME function nothing is returned in the results. The CallDate format is 2021-09-21 HH:MM:SS I have tried using HOUR as well in place of

Get number of days between two dates in SQL

Fleet_ID State ODO_Reading Date_Added 1 F1 State 1 42000 10/01/2021 2 F1 State 1 43100 14/03/2021 3 F1 State 1 43900 26/04/2021 4 F2 State 1 63010 22/02/2021 5 F2 State 1 70800 06/04/2021 6 F3 State 2 17000 03/01/2021 7 F3 State 2 18560 19/03/2021 8 F3 State 2 19695 23/04/2021 Above is a sample database Is it just

How to calculate employees working hours in sql

My company business hour is 7:30 to 18 and 13:00 to 15:00 is lunch time. Important part is about lunch time that should not calculate as working time of employee at all. So imagine employee start working at 8:30 and exit at 15:00 so the time of 4:30 hours should be calculate for him. actually I want to remove lunch

Check datatype of column after applying function MySQL

I want to know datatype of column after using a function. After using timediff function what datatype is it? I’ve looked at the doc to search for output datatype of a function but could not find, Also it would be inefficient to memorize which function outputs what datatype, so I would like to perform an operation creating new column