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Hive SQL – time interval in 5 minutes

My data is too large to analyze since it is collecting every second or so. To reduce the data, I will like to group into interval of 5 minutes. I tried converting into unix timestamp and reverting it back, but didn’t work. I tried something like this Original data or output Desired output Answer I don’t know Hive, but make

Oracle SQL : how to specify Time Zone Region

Underlined, as hours are not specified, that means that hour is ’00:00′ I would like to specify that this is for Europe/Paris time zone region. Can you help me set-up this ? Thanks Answer A DATE data type has the components: year, month, day, hour, minute and second. It ALWAYS has those components and NEVER stores anything else (such as

How compare dates that are equal when one has time as well

I’m trying to compare dates and it looks like I’m doing it like examples online, but I only see the rows of dates returned when I do >= for the comparison. When I just use = it doesn’t return anything. This is my query with >= for the date comparison: I see a lot of this sort of thing returned:

SQL Query between a date range and a time range in MariaDB

I’m having trouble writing this query to give me any results. I’m using MariaDB as well. The DATE_ADD clause works just fine and gives results within that interval, but as soon as I add in the TIME function nothing is returned in the results. The CallDate format is 2021-09-21 HH:MM:SS I have tried using HOUR as well in place of

How to Aggregate 15 minute Time series into 1 hour intervals in Postgres

In my PostgreSQL database I have a very large (over 40 mil) row table that represents traffic counts for various locations by 15 minute interval timestamps (contained in the “starttime” column). I want to bin these intervals into hourly intervals to reduce the number of rows. The format is “timestamp without time zone” so that each record looks like this: