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Tag: adodb

Excel SQL VBA: adding more than one cmd parameter

I am writing SQL-query, and I get error with string value: I tried to add more than one cmd parameter to solve this problem: But I also get an error. How do I set more than one cmd parameter and use it in my query? Table I am working with: here. Answer The parameter to CreateParameter are The Direction –

Writing Query statement with a String and a Date in Excel VBA

Using an ADODB connection, I have an excel database where I store data, and I am trying to make a query in one of the sheets(db_Reports). Values for Lastname and Birthday are entered in textboxes (tb_Lastname & tb_bday, respectively) from a userform. My problem is that the first two query statements work (commented in this case): one queries Lastname which

ADODB Connection to two access database

Due to ms access 2GB limitations on space; i am considering splitting a database into two. However I regularly rely on SQL statements such as the following: Is there a way in ADODB to perform the above, ie INSERT INTO table in file 1, the SELECT data from a table in file 2 ? Answer Here’s an example of updating