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Tag: hibernate

Complex SQL Query For Counting and Listing

I need to write complex sql for counting distinct names popularity and sorting them with descending order. I’ll do this with hibernate @Query(“SELECT * FROM …”) parameter. First I tried to do it on SQL then implement it to my spring boot project but I’m stuck while writing it. Sorted version: Answer I think you are looking for group by.

Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column

Error: Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column [curr_step] in table [risk_workflow]; found [varchar2 (Types#VARCHAR)], but expecting [number(19,0) (Types#BIGINT)] Please let me know how can we solve this? Column declaration in entity class “risk_workflow” WorkflowTaskRoleMapping entity: Answer The id of WorkflowTaskRoleMapping is a long and Hibernate maps it on the db with a column of type number(19,0). Hibernate expects the

Spring boot and jpa query @P0

I’m trying to run the following query but I keep getting the syntax error @P0, I also tried not to use parameters but “?” and still not working, my guess is that the string is not placed under ” and it ends up just next to bulk, but as soon as I place the single quote I get the error

Deadlock when we we have dependent entities in hibernate and try to update table using multiple threads in Vertica

I have two java classes. and I receive the Deadlock X exception if several threads visit the same table (entity father) to updates with distinct row entries, even though the records are different. Is there any way to fix why the entire table locks up instead than just one row? Even though I haven’t updated or added anything

Undefined filter parameter in Hibernate

I am trying to map a LocalDate to a SQL Date, but am receiving this error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Undefined filter parameter [afterDateLocal] I can’t provide a reproducible example, but here’s the code of the ListingRepositoryImpl: And the filters defined on the entity listing: I am using Hibernate 5.5.7 so I expect LocalDate to work. Answer date was not defined in the

Order by 2 columns with case

I have a query that searches for user in 2 colums firstUser and secondUser and orders them by first and last name: But this first orders the cases when user is at first user then it orders the case when user is secondUser. Is ther a way to order the whole data by first name and last name no matter