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Tag: sql-server-2005

Build combined table from 2 uneven tables

I have 2 uneven tables which I am trying to build into 1 table, each table has a date and ID to join with, the issue is that sometime 1 table can have rows with no matching date in 2nd table Initially table 2 seemed to always have an entry for table 1 so I was doing a left join

My script has no effects in more than 3 rows

The script works fine when it has 2 rows. Stop reading from 3. This is MSSQL Server 2005. Try anyway without any result. There is no error message. But if I have more than 10 rows, it doesn’t affect the row that should affect. Answer Given the new information in your comment you should simplify this to an update statement.

Update and insert to one table from another

I have two tables: table1: (ID, Code, Name) table2: (ID, Code, Name) with same columns I want to to insert data from table1 to table2 or update columns if that exists in table2 (table1.ID = table2.ID) What is the simple way to do this? WITH OUT MERGE Answer There are some issues with Merge statement,so it should be used with