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Write a SQL query with a subquery in .NET Core using Entity Framework that returns a list of items with varying number of returned child rows

I have this test SqlFiddle:!18/05fce/1 The idea is that for each product (table webspiderproduct) it will return the lowest price from each shopId from the table webspiderproductprice. So the returned data should look like this: I am using SQL Server. In pseudocode should I write a and then do a foreach through each row using linq and then add

Polly retry policy with sql holding transaction open

I am using Polly to implement a retry policy for transient SQL errors. The issue is I need to wrap my db calls up in a transaction (because if any one fails, I want to rollback). This was easy before I implemented retry from Polly because I would just catch the exception and rollback. However, I am now using the

Unexpected token when creating a string expression?

I have the following code: There is an error here ‘{cardId And it tells me Invalid Expression term ” Answer You need to be aware that this kind of string concatenation is avoided and it is open to SQL Injection attack, you should always use parameterized queries to avoid SQL Injection and also to get rid of errors, something like