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Tag: parameters

MS Access – Selecting which table to merge

Is there a way to choose which table do I merge using SQL in MS Access through entering parameter value? Let’s say I have 3 tables: Users, 2021 and 2022. Any my query is: I get “Enter Parameter Value” window to filter the code that I want to check, but I would like to get the same to choose other

Search SQL database with multiple filters

I have the following code: This gives me the rows where “category_id” is equal to the 1. I now want the SELECT statement to return rows where the “category_id” is equal to one of the values I give it. So a simple SELECT statement would look something like this The problem is that I wouldn’t know the values to search

Can I bookmark SQL query with bind parameter?

I’m quite new to databases. I’m using phpmyadmin and I’m writing just simple SQL queries. I’m curious if I can bookmark a query with bind parameter so I could set the parameter next time again. I have the following query and I want to set myID every time I run the query without rewriting it in the code. Is it