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MS Access – Selecting which table to merge

Is there a way to choose which table do I merge using SQL in MS Access through entering parameter value? Let’s say I have 3 tables: Users, 2021 and 2022. Any my query is: I get “Enter Parameter Value” window to filter the code that I want to check, but I would like to get the same to choose other

DB2 LUW MERGE using same table to update a different row

My table data looks like this My poorly attempted SQL is this… It is updating all rows in the table. I do not want this. How can I make it ONLY update the 1 latest PRINTED row which has an empty PDF_FILE ? Answer The idea is to enumerate target rows and update only the 1-st one.

MySQL – Query and group in a single row

I have a set of data as below: EmployeeId Salary_Basic Salary_Transport Year E001 12000 3000 2018 E002 9000 2000 2018 E001 13000 3200 2019 E002 10000 2400 2019 E003 15000 5000 2019 What I want is below: EmployeeID NetSalary_Year2018 NetSalary_Year2019 E001 15000 16200 E002 11000 12400 E003 0 20000 Can anyone suggest the sql query on MySQL please? Thanks Answer

MySQL Merge two queries based on mutual column

I have two queries that retrieve records from 2 different tables that are almost alike and I need to merge them together. Both have created_date which is of type datetime and I’m casting this column to date because I want to group and order them by date only, I don’t need the time. First query: Second query: What I need

PostgreSQL equivalent of Pandas outer merge

I am trying to do in Postgres the equivalent of Pandas outer merge, in order to outer merge two tables. Table df_1 contains these data: Table df_2 contains these data: So Table df_1 has one extra column (random_id) than df_2. Also, job_id 1711418 and worker_id 45430 exist in both df_1 and df_2. If I use the “outer merge” method in