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Tag: variables

PLSQL – Use variable array on where clause IN

I am looking to use an array of values in the WHERE IN condition. After research, I saw that I had to make a “CREATE TYPE”, since a “TYPE” in local does not work. This solution does not suit me, I do not want to make a new TYPE in Oracle, since the database is used for an ERP/PGI I

Using Variables in a MSAccess Function with SQL

I’m struggling with entering a custom made ID number on all my tables to link all records together, trying out normalization. I have an EmployeeDetails table and a LoginDetails table. Its my understanding that I need a field called EmployeeID on both and I can use the SQL Select code I have to pull the data like on other forms.

Update row if exists or insert

I’m working on a web based PHP form that’s currently connect to an Oracle database. I’m trying to get the functionality working so that after a user submits the form it’ll check if a row exists based on the Job Number, if it does then update, otherwise insert the values. It’s bring back an internal server error at the moment