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Tag: arrays

PSQL stored procedures using arrays as parameter

I’m using PostgreSQL and currently creating a stored procedure to do some calculations. I’ve been searching all morning and reading the documentation, but either the functionality I want isn’t supported or I must’ve overlooked something. Basically, this is what I have: Basically what happens is that I calculate how often I need to make a travel to deliver something, which

Presto – How to convert a field with map to rows

I’m new to Presto SQL and I am stuck to a issue and I really need your help. I have a table with a field “Info”: I want to pull all order_id(s) and convert them as rows, the output may look like this: My query: I tried the query above but it can only returns the order_id as an array.

PostgreSQL: Create array by grouping values of the same id

Given the following input data: id category 1 A 1 B 2 A 2 R 2 C 3 Z I aim aiming to get the following output table: id categories 1 {“A”,”B”} 2 {“A”,”R”,”C”} 3 {“Z”} using the following query: But what I get is the following table: id categories 1 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} 2 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} 3 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} How can I obtain

Nested array in a SQL query

I’m fairly new to programming and I’m struggling with an SQL Query. I want, that the purchased articles (article_id) are grouped in an array, so they are connected to the date column. For a further process, they might be combined ( so date x is combined with articles_id [A,B,C]) To make it clearer I want to show what I’ve done

Repeating JSON Aggregated Array with Row Limits

I have an Oracle 19 database with a JSON aggregated array which I need to cut off and repeat after a set number of rows, for example: …etc. Here’s some basic SQL to illustrate how my current dataset is put together: I need to push customer data to an API endpoint. Pushing 1 customer record at a time is not