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Tag: arrays

Repeating JSON Aggregated Array with Row Limits

I have an Oracle 19 database with a JSON aggregated array which I need to cut off and repeat after a set number of rows, for example: …etc. Here’s some basic SQL to illustrate how my current dataset is put together: I need to push customer data to an API endpoint. Pushing 1 customer record at a time is not

How to achieve conditional array aggregate?

For simplicity I’ll use the following patient and appointment tables. What I want is one report that contains the following data. So what I need to do is: Get the patient names from patient table aggregate all appointment statuses of the patient aggregate all appointment times of appointments that have status=’active’ So the initial query that I created is: DBFiddle

Compare two arrays in PostgreSQL

I have a table in postgres with a value column that contains string arrays. My objective is to find all arrays that contain any of the following strings: {‘cat’, ‘dog’} The following query uses ANY() to check if ‘dog’ is equal to any of the items in each array and will correctly return rows 1 and 3: I am trying