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Tag: alter-table

Alter Table Foreign Key

I’m trying to add barista_grade_id to the baristas table as a foreign key and I’ve looked every where on what syntax to use and it seems to be unanimous that this is the correct way. I did it before this and it worked. but because of some mistakes I deleted it and redo it again, but for whatever reason it

How do I make sure that all rows with the same foreign key have unique names in my PostgreSQL database?

I have a PostgreSQL database with two tables: Team and Project, in a one-to-many relationship. Team has these columns: id name Project has these: id name team_id I’d like to make sure that the projects within a team must have unique names. Projects belonging to different teams should be able to share names without a problem, so UNIQUE doesn’t really

How can I update the table in SQL?

I’ve created a table called Youtuber, the code is below: In this table, there are 2 channels: So, I want to edit the age of “Grandtour Games” to “18”. How can I do that with update? Is my code right? Answer No, in update, you’ll have to follow this sequence: In your code, put this: Comments below: