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Tag: sql-delete

DELETE entry that is older than current datetime in MySQL

I have tried the following among various other statements but thought one of these should obviously work but no luck so far. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Not getting an error, it’s just not working. DELETE FROM table_name WHERE from < NOW() DELETE FROM table_name WHERE from < ‘2022-04-16 08:00:00’ Example Answer You shouldn’t name your columns (or

T-SQL :: TRUNCATE or DELETE all tables in schema

I need to TRUNCATE or DELETE all tables in schema. I found this code: but on AdventureWorks it gives me: So I found this alternative code: But the result is the same: How to TRUNCATE or DELETE all tables in schema? Answer You simply need to wrap your “delete from all the tables” script with a “drop all foreign keys”

About “group function is not allowed here”

I have a table with job, salary and date columns. I am writing the following query in PL/SQL, but I am getting an error group function is not allowed here How can I solve this problem? Answer Your query makes no sense (to me, at least). What does that average salary represent? Whose average salary? Here’s an example based on