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Tag: odbc

Data type for SQL aggregate functions (COUNT, SUM, AVG)

New to SQL. Say I run this query: This will return a single row with a field called “TotalSuppliers”. In my database, the result was “778”. When tested in C# using typeof, the type for this field was short (the ODBC SMALLINT or OleDB SmallInt data type). This matched the data type of the SupplierID column. Do I have control

ODBC error – SQL0104 – Token = was not vaild. Valid tokens: ( + – ? : DAY INF NAN RID ROW – Crystal report error in windows 7 machine

Our client have been using several crystal reports for many years in the windows XP machines and I am responsible for supporting these reports. It was working perfectly fine. Recently we have upgraded to windows 7 machine and one of the crystal report stopped functioning wherheas other crystal reports works correctly in windows 7 machine. I am unable to identify

PHP, ODBC, and SQL Injection

How does one prevent against SQL injections when using ODBC to connect to a MS SQL Server? odbc_prepare() doesn’t work (see my open question) due to bugs unixODBC, and there is no _escape or _quote …