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Tag: select statement failing

I have this code to populate a DataGridView (DGV) the goal is to only populate the DGV with data from the LinkTable where one of its fields ytSiteType is equal to a global variable set on another form. The variable is gvSLT and I have tested that gvSLT makes the trip to the new form with the correct value. I

New to SQL and having issues with Sytnax (VB.NET)

I am fairly new to SQL and databases in general (in an intro class in college right now) and I have run into a little snag. I am building a paid time off tracker for people in my department (they are like children and can’t keep track of their own things with the tools we already have). I currently have

VB.NET cmd.CommandText is not working properly with sql update

This is my subtract button, it will just subtract the qty in my database but the math logic is wrong, for example, If I said 12-2 it updates the qty to 6 Any of this 5 “cmd.CommandText is not working properly, it add and subtracts but the qty it updates to the database is wrong, it produces a wrong output,


Good day, How can I do like sumifs in sql query in here is my code. The plan is to take the Sum of column prdInput based on the helper which is txtlot txtPartnumber and txprocess. I managed to get display the first prdinput the query found but I need the the sum of its since I have multiple