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Why can’t I create a view with a visual interface?

When the narrator in the video I watched on the Internet creates a view, he adds tables to the view with a visual interface as in the 1st picture, and sets the relations between the tables. But when I create a view, a code screen greets me and I need to create a view with code. Why can’t I create

New to SQL and having issues with Sytnax (VB.NET)

I am fairly new to SQL and databases in general (in an intro class in college right now) and I have run into a little snag. I am building a paid time off tracker for people in my department (they are like children and can’t keep track of their own things with the tools we already have). I currently have

SQL Script does not publish

When I publish my DB in in Visual Studio, my script does not publish. Answer Right click on the script. Select Properties. Look at the Build Action. Choose Build. Try to publish again. Also make sure you edit the DB csproj in and change from NONE to BUILD: right click the DB project unload project right click the DB project

ASP / SQL: Filepath as clickable link

I have a database file that looks like the following: When I put this in a SQL Datasource (Visual Studio), the file should be clickable text or image. Now it’s just plain text. What I currently have is: But this links to link instead of the content of the sql. Thanks Answer Remember, code behind can use full file system