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Tag: stored-procedures

Trying to create procedure in snowflake and getting error while passing value to another procedure

Below procedure to get the value from the metadata table and pass its value into another procedure. Give the error message: Execution error in store procedure GET_RESULTS: SQL compilation error: error line 1 at position 16 invalid indetifier ‘STBL1’ At Statement.execute, line 18 position 26 Answer I am going to guess that both the values you are passing to the

How to return the count of a table created and dropped within a SQL stored procedure in Snowflake?

I am trying to use a variable to store the count in a temporary table created within a stored procedure in Snowflake so that I can include the value in the return statement. When I try to do a select count(*) from the table I get SQL compilation error: Object ‘CDP_SMS.DOMAIN_CANONICAL.TEMP_DELTA_MANUFACTURER_ITEM’ does not exist or not authorized.. If I try

Need SQLQuery with Stored procedure with below example

I have the following MySQL-table the average must be using stored procedure, not normal query. I have normal SQL Query I want that to look like this, with a MySQL query: Answer If the Id’s on your table are unique, you can do it like this (you were pretty close… just the case when was missed in your query): You