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Continuous subset and ranking using sql

I have a dataset like below: Now, I need the output as below: For this purpose, I wrote a query but it is not giving me the desired sequence. My query is as below: It generates the output as below: But in the rank section I need something as below: So, what exactly am I doing wrong here? Here are

How to remove and carry forward month prior when running balance decreases?

I have the following data: client_id balance_month balance 100000000 September 1,2021 12:00 AM $7000 100000000 August 1,2021 12:00 AM $7000 100000000 July 1,2021 12:00 AM $6000 100000000 June 1,2021 12:00 AM $3000 100000000 May 1,2021 12:00 AM $20000 100000000 April 1,2021 12:00 AM $1000 100000000 March 1,2021 12:00 AM $0 200000000 September 1,2021 12:00 AM $7000 200000000 August 1,2021 12:00

Select on value change

I have a table that looks like this in a MySQL database: I would like to select all lines where the Batch_Num is different from the previous value including the first one: Is there a keyword maybe to access the previous line to compare the to the current line? Or some other way to compare a line to the line