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How to display T-SQL in html with proper formatting?

I’m sure this has to be a duplicate, but I guess my searching skills aren’t on point today. I want to display SQL code in html (like in blogs and such), and I want it to be formatted like you would see it in Management Studio or any other editor that supports SQL. I’ve found a nuget package that does

How to store tags for a blog article in SQL database?

I currently am working on developing a blogging website. For this application we’re using MySQL as the database. For this application,I created a blog table which contains the following properties: id blog_title content user_id updated_at upvotes I want to add tags to this table. What is the recommended way of adding tags to this table so that in the application

php How to link comment sql to the blog sql

first time here and I hope you guys can help me further. I have created a blogging system to use by mine employees via an admin login system. As well a login system and registration system to use by my customers/viewers. So now I created a comment section for the blog system where people can commenting. The problem is that