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Tag: ms-access

Can you insert a custom value in an Auto-incrementing field in MS Access

The column auto-increments. User wants to insert a row with a specific number (I’ve confirmed it doesn’t already exist in the column). In SQL Server I’d do a quick SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON and insert statement. Is there a way to this for Microsoft Access or are they just out of luck. Answer Can run an INSERT action SQL. But then

MS Access – Selecting which table to merge

Is there a way to choose which table do I merge using SQL in MS Access through entering parameter value? Let’s say I have 3 tables: Users, 2021 and 2022. Any my query is: I get “Enter Parameter Value” window to filter the code that I want to check, but I would like to get the same to choose other

Convert week number and year to a date in Access-SQL?

In Microsoft Access, I have a table where number of hours worked per weekday are associated to a project number, ISO-week number and year. Simplified, it looks like this: ProjectID WeekNumber YearNumber Monday Tuesday 1 1 2022 5 6 1 2 2022 7 8 I am trying to set up a query where all weekday columns (monday to sunday) are

Missing query data when using Sum

My database in Microsoft Access looks like this: Every Client can have many assistants. Every Assistant may have one client or no clients at all. Assistant have a Nice field which is Boolean, indicating whether the Assistant is nice. I need a query where I can get all of the clients, together with a boolean value indicating whether they have

stack or union multiple fields in MS Access

Beginner’s question here… I have a table of tree measurements being 3 fields: – ID, Diameter_1, Diameter_2 & I wish to get to these 3 fields: – ID, DiameterName, DiameterMeasurement Input and Desired Output Though it results in only 2 fields. How may the field: – DiameterMeasurement be brought in? Many thanks 🙂 Answer You were on the right track

SQL query does not work in Excel but works in Access

For the code listed below, it runs fine except for the first SQL query. I’m pulling address and state information from the workbook, and running a query on the information to find the count of how many times the address appears in the table. If I run the code and stop it before the query is sent to Access, I