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Tag: substring

SQL – trimming values before bracket

I have a column of values where some values contain brackets with text which I would like to remove. This is an example of what I have and what I want: I have only come across approaches that use the number of characters or the position to trim the string, but these values have varying lengths. One way I was

Snowflake Regular Expression

I have this string in Snowflake column: I need to get names in this format regardless of the number of company names: “SpecTra, Signal Capital Partners”. In other words, I need to extract company names and concatenate them. I have tried this : and regexp_substr() function, but did not get the desired output Can you please help me with this?

Error: SQL Substring with the “ON” Part of the JOIN

I am using PostgreSQL and must join tables using substring. As I demonstrated below, xyz.MODEL and first three characters of “columnname” from abc Table should match. However, the query below does not work. It returns the error: Can anyone help me to correct this query? Thanks for your help already. Answer The table alias must precede the column name, not