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Tag: check-constraints

MySQL require a minimum length

I’m using MySQL Workbench and I made a table called ‘organizations’ and want to block any try of adding a value to a column with less than 5 letters. The column name is ‘namee’. I made this, but I get an error: Error: Answer Based on the error message you shared, you apparently tried to use a function LEN(). No

How to remove check constraint?

I am having difficult to remove CHECK using Alter in sql. Can anyone help me please? Answer Oracle does have an alter table … drop constraint syntax for this. But since you created an anonymous constraint, so this is tricky – because you don’t know the name of the constraint. One option is to use dynamic SQL to retrieve the

ORA-02290: check constraint violated

I keep getting the message “ORA-02290: check constraint violated” whenever I try to insert values into my table. Here’s the code for the table STORE: And here’s the INSERT statements I am trying to accomplish: It has created the 4th, 6th, and 7th values, but not the rest. What is going wrong? Answer You are violating the CHECK constraint as