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Tag: regexp-replace

How to find and replace string using REGEXP_REPLACE in postgresql

I have a table of email addresses: How can I find and replace the email format so -> E.g: Results in Playground here: Answer This is probably most simply done by splitting the email address in two on the @, keeping the part before it and replacing . in the part after it with nothing. Then

Hive regexp_extract numeric value from a string

I have a table as: I am trying to get the numeric values from the table. The expected output is A -> 123 / B -> 124 etc I am trying to do using regexp_extract Any suggestions please? Answer If the delimiters are fixed – ‘; ‘ between key-value pairs and ‘=’ between key and value, you can use str_to_map

How to select values between a XML tag in SQL Query

I have a table with CLOB column storing a XML. The structure of XML is unreadable. I want to get values between few tags like <DOMAINID>; sample is shown below. XML: I am using this: Expected result: Actual XML: Answer Do not use regular expressions to parse XML; use a proper XML parser. However, what you have is not properly