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REGEXP_REPLACE Strings Starting and Ending with Specific Substrings in Snowflake

I am trying to create a column in a view in Snowflake that replaces any string between strings that I care about with nothing.

This is essentially for the purpose of stripping html formatting out of text. As an example:

<li>Text I care about 1
<li>Text I care about 2</li>
<li>Text I care about 3</li>

Would should end up like this:

Text I care about 1
Text I care about 2
Text I care about 3

Based on the patterns I am seeing, I think that if I can eliminate any string starting with &lt, and ending with >, I should be able to achieve the result I am looking for.

In testing on different sites it seems like expression REGEXP_REPLACE(originaltext, '&lt.+?>','') should, work, but when attempting in Snowflake it seems to be cutting off the last ‘Text I care about’ in some cases, and in other cases just is not showing any results at all. I am not sure if there is a syntax difference or something else off in the version of regex snowflake is using, but any advice would be appreciated.



Your regular expression works, but it requires lookarounds.

set sample1 = '<ul>';
set sample2 = '<li>Text I care about 1';
set sample3 = '<li>Text I care about 2</li>';
set sample4 = '<li>Text I care about 3</li>';
set sample5 = '</ul>';

select regexp_replace2($SAMPLE1,'&lt.+?>','');  
select regexp_replace2($SAMPLE2,'&lt.+?>','');
select regexp_replace2($SAMPLE3,'&lt.+?>','');
select regexp_replace2($SAMPLE4,'&lt.+?>','');
select regexp_replace2($SAMPLE5,'&lt.+?>','');

I wrote a UDF library that supports regular expression lookarounds. It attempts to approximate the built-in Snowflake regular expression functions while supporting lookarounds. The names of the UDFs are the same as the built-in regular expression functions with the suffix “2” as shown in the SQL sample.