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Two dependent conditions in exclude DJANGO

I want to check whether the current user already has the same movie id in his personal list or not. If he has it then I want to exclude that movie from my trending list. I want it to be something like this. Answer You can .exclude(…) with: If you specified a related_query_name=… [Django-doc] or a related_name=… [Django-doc],

How to use variable column name in filter in Django ORM?

I have two tables BloodBank(id, name, phone, address) and BloodStock(id, a_pos, b_pos, a_neg, b_neg, bloodbank_id). I want to fetch all the columns from two tables where the variable column name (say bloodgroup) which have values like a_pos or a_neg… like that and their value should be greater than 0. How can I write ORM for the same? SQL query is

Django QuerySet annotate with Subquery

given the following model I’m trying to get, my Pizza and the number of toppings, along with the top 3 other pizzas (top in terms of the number of toppings) The final result should be: a list containing the current pizza, and the top 3 pizzas, along with the count of toppings for all. So right now I have a

django get record which is latest and other column value

I have a model with some columns, between them there are 2 columns: equipment_id (a CharField) and date_saved (a DateTimeField). I have multiple rows with the same equipment_id and but different date_saved (each time the user saves the record I save the now date time). I want to retrieve the record that has a specific equipment_id and is the latest