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Oracle SQL – Sum next X number of Rows

I have a table in Oracle database whith projected sales per week and would like to sum the next 3 weeks for each week. Here is an example of the table for one product and what I would like to achieve in the last column. I tried the Sum(Proj Sales) over (partition by Product order by Date), but I am

Conditional Grouping in SQL

This should be easy, but I’m having trouble with it. I have a results table that looks like this: Notice that the pct column sums to 1.0 for each store. Here’s the code to create this table: I’m trying to group the results by store, then by cust_id while creating a new category A&B if the same cust_id has both

mySQL question on how to add more info to a column

Got this table containing info about customers, dates and their purchases values. Let’s say some of them bought something in November but nothing in December. Now, I am trying to have all the customers + all they spent and to use IFNULL() to the ones that have not bought anything in Dec. I am filtering it for Dec and all

My SUM query returns 2 rows, need some advise

I am getting 2 rows(9500) for 111 in the result, could you please advise on the right approach, I need like, Balance = (sum of bought – sum of sold) Query Answer You can use conditional aggregation: If you want this for only one account, you can add a where clause:

Count json tags in sql

I have this json strings And know i want the following output I wanted to do this with a sql query. If you know how to do this, thanks in advance! Answer If you’re not using MySQL 8, this is a bit more complicated. First you have to find a path to a name element that has the value phone

MySQL Debit/Credit cumulative balance

I would like a cumulative DR or CR balance for the following table: For the above table, a cumulative Balance column would be: Decreasing a DR below 0 makes it a CR Decreasing a CR below 0 makes it a DR Where balance is 0, value is 0 DR It could be calculated as CR’s being a negative value, but