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Reverse EBCDIC sorts numbers before letters in ROW_NUMBER function

So I do have following SQL select Key is of the type VARCHAR(12). I wonder why the hell the numbers are sorted after the letters. Every other system including UTF-8 always begins with numbers. Answer So a solution you can do is to take advantage of the EBCDIC character order. Special characters are sorted before the letters! If the numeric

Oracle SQL – Custom Sort

I have a scenario where I have following data: Table: Locations I want to sort in a way that all the IDs that end in ‘0000’ should be sorted first, then the TYPE ‘Warehouse’ and then the rest of the Stores. The desired output should be like How do I do this custom sorting? Answer This is how I understood

MySql conditional order by

I have this table (simplified): CREATE TABLE `my_table` ( `id` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `item_name` VARCHAR(45) NULL , `price` DECIMAL(10,0) NULL , PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) I need to select …

How to order by maximum of two column which can be null in MySQL?

I want to do something like : maxof(Null,1000) should be 1000, How to implement the maxof? Answer If you know that salaryplus will always be greater than salaryminus, then you can do coalesce will return the first value which is not null, or (in this example) 0, if both values are null. Otherwise, do something like this: This will treat