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Tag: go-gorm

In go – gorm “mssql: Invalid column name ‘id’

This is my model in go } and this is my repo(that retrieve data from database): } On “http” I write this code with echo When I cal my ReadAll record rerieve data completly , it’s mean I conected to database currectly,But whene I try get data by “id” got an error that : mssql: Invalid column name ‘id’. Whet

Doing 4 way filter based on 3 tables using GORM

I’ve been trying to achieve a 4 way to join/filter based on 4 tables “Offers”, “UserPaymentMethods” and a junction table “OffersUserPaymentMethods” defined as below; So I want to filter “offers” based on payment_method_id because offer_id lives in offers_user_payment_methods which makes it a bit tricky. Front-end will send payment_method_id and I need to filter offers based on the payment_method_id that’s it.