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Tag: ms-access

Access 2013 Requesting Enter Parameter On Insert Query

I’ve got a list box that pulls tests from a database depending on the college any particular student is in. When the student selects a test, I simply want to pull a few values out of the List box for stat tracking purposes. When I run this query, it requests I enter a parameter value. Here is my code: On

Access DoCmd.OpenReport Where condition issue

I’m trying to print a report, like a invoice. But I have an issue with the Cmd.OpenReport Function. I have a query for that invoice with a parameter. I join this query with a report. When I open the report, I have to type the ID of the invoice. That is OK. But I have to print this report with

type conversion failure

I have a table that looks something like this: The empty fields can be null or an empty string, I’m not sure. I want to update the firstName field to be all the characters in the name field until the -, whether firstname was empty or not. It doesn’t matter what was in there before the update. I tried the

Recordset.Edit or Update sql vba statement fastest way to update?

I recently came across vba update statements and I have been using Recordset.Edit and Recordset.Update to not only edit my existing data but to update it. I want to know the difference between the two: recordset.update and Update sql Vba statement. I think they all do the same but I can’t figure which one is more efficient and why. Example

Data type mismatch when using a Select Query to feed a combo box

I am getting a ‘data type mismatch in criteria expression (error 3464) with the below routine when trying to activate drop down box ‘cboColleagues’. In short, there are two combo boxes of which the second one (‘cboColleagues’) is not visible until the user activates the first (‘cboEditPersonnel’). The following routine is created to feed the second combo box with the

Access Query – [col]/[col].[col]?

Just inherited an Access database and trying to figure some things out. For the life of me, I have no idea what this query means. Its like the [col1]/[col2] is the table name and [col3] is the column. But instead of a table, it is math function (dividing two columns) followed by the column name. SELECT table.column…. I thought this