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How to convert generic XML to a table row in PostgreSQL?

PostgresSQL v12.5 There is a table with single column containing strings formatted as XML. For simplicity let’s claim that there are no nesting: all tags inside <something> contain primitive values (strings). Assuming that there are much more elements than <a> and <b> inside, it would be great to have an option to convert these values into a relational form without

Select node from xml nodes

there! there is a small xml. I’m selecting data via And result like this But, need to have one more column with the contents of the entire row, like this Answer Use the query method cc type is XML. db<>fiddle

Unable to Query XML Document with SQL/OPENXML

I would like to query the following XML-File using SQL: Using this code I would like to get the value for “mRID”: However, the result is: mRID NULL How to get the correct value for mRID (‘2f6f8b82348440b1b121bca06311945d’) instead of NULL? Answer Microsoft proprietary OPENXML and its companions sp_xml_preparedocument and sp_xml_removedocument are kept just for backward compatibility with the obsolete SQL

How to select values between a XML tag in SQL Query

I have a table with CLOB column storing a XML. The structure of XML is unreadable. I want to get values between few tags like <DOMAINID>; sample is shown below. XML: I am using this: Expected result: Actual XML: Answer Do not use regular expressions to parse XML; use a proper XML parser. However, what you have is not properly

Oracle XMLTYPE extract root prolog value

I have sample Query with XML like below: Output: I am trying to fetch the values below within the query or a new query: Is there any way to do that? Any help / direction appreciated. Answer You just have to complete your first XMLTABLE query (h) in this way: