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Filter an XML column in SQL Server

I have an xml type column productsXML in product table I want to find all the rows that have <products></products>. I tried this: This is returning all the rows that have products tag and understandably so. Is there a way to filter only those rows that have <products></products>? Answer PLease try the following solution. It is checking that the root

Xquery Get Consecutive Distinct Values

Trying to get consecutive distinct from the following XML. Expected Result : Current Result : Code : The distinct-values get distinct from the whole set, but I would like to get distinct values only if there are consecutive. Answer We have a pure XQuery solution. SQL Output

Delete node when child have a certain value is found

I intend to remove a node whenever I find the unit_qty tag with the value equal to 0.0000. For example considering that the message below is called MESSAGE_DATA: the purpose of message_data is to return the following: I’ve already tried the following options: I don’t know if I’m looking up the tag wrong but I’ve tried it with several formats

XMLTable query returns no result

I’m only passingly familiar with XML. I need to parse a response from a SOAP request. From a lot of searching, I’ve developed the following query to try to extract the status. Ultimately, I’d like to get the status, cntr and cntr_status fields from the response. My query gives no error, but also no results. What noob error am I

Insert repeating tag xml data to multiple sql table columns

I’m having following XML and query. header tags are there and Item tag can be repeated up to 10 tags. I want to insert those item no and qty in separate columns. Here I mentioned only 2 tags for Item but in real situation there are 5 tags in XML. So in worst case scenario it will be 50 columns.

how to read a XML string value with leading space in sql server

I want to store the value of userId as ” XYZ” but when after executing the below code got output as “XYZ”. Want to store the value with leading space. Answer You may try to parse the input XML using a variable of XML data type and a combination of nodes() and value() methods: Using this approach you may parse