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How to delete more than one node with xml-query

with this code, I can remove one node (field_without_interest) of this xml element. But I would like to remove two nodes now( field_without_interest and PERSON_NUMBER). I have tried to place the for loop at differents places (You can see that in code. But I don’t think it useful to for to write every attemps in stackoverflow) but to no avail.

Filter an XML column in SQL Server

I have an xml type column productsXML in product table I want to find all the rows that have <products></products>. I tried this: This is returning all the rows that have products tag and understandably so. Is there a way to filter only those rows that have <products></products>? Answer PLease try the following solution. It is checking that the root

Xquery Get Consecutive Distinct Values

Trying to get consecutive distinct from the following XML. Expected Result : Current Result : Code : The distinct-values get distinct from the whole set, but I would like to get distinct values only if there are consecutive. Answer We have a pure XQuery solution. SQL Output

XQUERY -SQL Retrieve list of child and parent ID

How I can query the xml in order to obtain the following result? I am completely new on using XQuery. XML sample: And the result: idAsig B1_1 B1_2 B1_3 B1_4 B1_5 1 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL 2 1 0 N 8 4848 2 52 0 N 8 625 3 1 0 N 8 589 3 39 0 N 8

Unable to Query XML Document with SQL/OPENXML

I would like to query the following XML-File using SQL: Using this code I would like to get the value for “mRID”: However, the result is: mRID NULL How to get the correct value for mRID (‘2f6f8b82348440b1b121bca06311945d’) instead of NULL? Answer Microsoft proprietary OPENXML and its companions sp_xml_preparedocument and sp_xml_removedocument are kept just for backward compatibility with the obsolete SQL

SQL: Delete XML node in an UPDATE statement

I keep getting this error: In search of a solution to this answer I came across this SO article about updating in a SELECT statement: How do I UPDATE from a SELECT in SQL Server? Example… Note: the field CustomProperties is nvarchar(max) which I convert to xml. I also tried a cursor (nasty things), but getting the same error. Is