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SQL/MYSQL /Transpose table / Columns into rows and rows sum as column with new header

i have a table like this Its simple in Excel sheets but im stuck in MySql Appreciate the help Thanks — SeasonType,Sacks,SacksYards are columns — union all attempt column sacks,sacksyards table — — fantasydefencegame Answer This should fairly give you some ideas. Supposing we are using a test database named testdb and your original table is named test which has

converting rows to columns using oracle sql

I’m trying to convert rows into columns using the following sample: LVL COL_VALUE TABLE_SRC 16 INT: ADDRESS_LINE_2:NULL INT 16 BASE: ADDRESS_LINE_2:X BASE 17 INT: ADDRESS_LINE_3:NULL INT 17 BASE: ADDRESS_LINE_3:X BASE The output should be: INT BASE INT: ADDRESS_LINE_2:NULL BASE: ADDRESS_LINE_2:X INT: ADDRESS_LINE_3:NULL BASE: ADDRESS_LINE_3:X The COL_VALUE with the same LVL should be in 1 row I tried using PIVOT but

Transpose row to column in SQL Server

I have a table like below: The first row is the header. Now, I would like to transpose table into this I have tried unpivot but the result is not desired table. Thanks in advance, Answer I recommend using cross apply to unpivot and then aggregation: I much, much prefer this over pivot/unpivot. Why? APPLY implements a lateral join, which

SQL: How to partition data by the key and transpose the triples in the defined order? (The tool for a human-language translator.)

I do have the table with translated texts to (possibly) many languages. When new text is entered in the chosen language, the lang_hash is calculated. If the text is not bound to any existing text in other languages, the lang_hash is repeated in the key_hash, and–together with the lang code–the new record is inserted. For the Czech, the English, and

SQL Transpose for timestamps

I want to ask, how to make output below : from data like this below : with rules the ‘Clock_in’ is the earliest and ‘Clock_out’ is the latest one of the ‘Timestamps’ group by ‘NIP’ Answer If you are using SQL server you can make sure of Cast and group by. output:

How to merge columns and transpose in SQL?

I’m working with a custom DBMS (compliant with SQL 2011 Standard), and am trying to combine multiple columns into a single column like so, but am struggling with the syntax: Current table: Desired query output: I’ve tried various IF and CASE statements, but have hit a wall. Any help would be appreciated. Answer You can unpivot with union all: This

Easy table transpose in hive

I need to transpose my table. Now i have that type of table: But i want to get the next result How should i transpose my table for achieving this result? Answer Use case statements with min() or max() aggregation: