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Tag: sql-function

Why does Postgresql function not work as expected

I have table like this I create get function like this I tried to call function like this but return json all 3 row instead of 1 row with booking_id 1467 can you explain root cause ? Answer The root cause of you problem is naming your parameter (booking_id) the same as a column name (booking_id) in your table. When

How to insert result of select query (with default if return no rows) as part of Postgres Function?

For my Nextjs website, I am configuring the backend to automatically add user information to a public.profiles table whenever a row is inserted into the auth.users table (automatically done through Supabase’s authentication). I have a public.college_emails table that contains the names of over 1700 colleges and the email tag associated with them. When a user creates an account with their

Passing parameters for a constraint function

I have the following table that joins driver and truck tables in order to assign trucks to drivers. I need to constraint entries that belong to the same driver on the same day, and DO NOT include the same truck code. It was suggested to create a boolean function to pass along dateval, truckval and driverval, and returns the following.

ORACLE SQL How to use custom function iside insert cte

I am trying to use function inside insert SQL, but I am getting error ORA-32034. Looks like that I couldn’t access this function in the cte. Maybe someone can help? Answer If the query containing the PL/SQL declaration section is not the top level query, the top-level query must include the WITH_PLSQL hint. Without this hint, the statement will fail