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Tag: sqlalchemy

Can’t connect Sqlalchemy with pyodbc to SQL Server 2000

I followed this website by installing After install I try this code and it worked, it print all records from table2 However, I want to use SQLAlchemy with pyodbc and it does not work ProgrammingError: (pyodbc.ProgrammingError) (‘42000′, “[42000] [FreeTDS][SQL Server]’schema_name’ is not a recognized function name. (195) (SQLExecDirectW)”) [SQL: SELECT schema_name()] (Background on this error at: How can I

SQLAlchemy group by day in timestamp column

I have an ORM (Model) defined in SQLAlchemy as below: I’m planning to get the sum of all views in each day and tried to group the results based on their end_to. I have used the following query in sqlalchemy: But this query throws this error: I am using the timestamp in my model and I don’t plan to change

SQL Update statement: OperationalError near “FROM”

Replacing box = with = shifts the error to the ‘.’: Error: Answer Actual implementation may not be fully adhered even with latest SQLite to support UPDATE-FROM. Specifically, docs do not indicate: JOIN in outer query is supported in UPDATE. FROM table should not repeat table in UPDATE. Table alias alone in UPDATE may not be allowed. Possibly no