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Tag: spatial

Mysql use 2 functions in 1 query

I’m trying to use 2 same functions in 1 query which is this This uses only the first function and give right result for the first latlngs only. I need the row which is almost near to the 2 latlngs (the latlngs is just example don’t care if it’s wrong <3 ) I want it to Give me the row

Intersect two sf data.frames based on date and geometry using R

So, I have two R “sf” “data.frames”, one with millions of linestring geometries (vsr_segments: see below) and the other with 5 polygons (vsr_zones: see below). Each linestring has a datetime and each polygon has a unique date range. I’m trying to intersect the linestrings dataframe with the polygon data.frame based on whether the linestring datetime falls within a specific polygon’s

SQL Geometry find all points in a radius

I am fluent in SQL but new to using the SQL Geometry features. I have what is probably a very basic problem to solve, but I haven’t found any good resources online that explain how to use geometry objects. (Technet is a lousy way to learn new things…) I have a collection of 2d points on a Cartesian plane, and