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Tag: regex

Filter out records that are not in this date format oracle

How do i filter records that can only be converted to date using to_date(’31-May-2019 00:00:00′, ‘DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) from the above sample query i am expecting results below how do i achieve this in oracle. Reason why i want to do this: i am receiving raw data and loading it to a table before cleaning them to insert clean data to

Postgres pattern matching middle letters of a string

How would I match a name, such that one of the middle letters of the name must come from the word ‘qwerty'(thus containing either of the letters ‘q’, ‘w’ , ‘e’, ‘r’, ‘t’,’y’)? I am curious how you can determine what the middle letters are, this would make use of some string count I assume. What I have tried so

Oracle SQL regexp_substr number extraction behavior

In a sense I’ve answered my own question, but I’m trying to understand the answer better: When using regexp_substr (in oracle) to extract the first occurrence of a number (either single or multi digits), how/why do the modifiers * and + impact the results? Why does + provide the behavior I’m looking for and * does not? * is my

Regex to match duplicate/alias e-mails in MySQL

I am trying to come up with some regular expression to check whether an e-mail exists in a database. What is more specific here is that I want to find e-mails that are the same, but might be written differently. E.g. is the same as and Using another script I remove all dots and text after +

Django Reverse Regex Match

I have a table (Django Model) and each row/object contains a regular expression that I should evaluate over a given input to filter relevant objects. Is there any Django ORM method to do this? In Postgre it will be: and the opposite of what I am searching for is: I know that evaluating the regular expressions on the application side

SQL Query with REGEXP to change URL strings dynamically

My DB table named “post” does look as follows So not every message row does contain an url and not every message with a [LINK]-tag does contain a proper url. Also there are enrties which have a longer ID, they should not be changed. Now i have to change every entry which has an ID length between 4 and 5

SQL and Oracle query to extract every thing before last two periods

I need to extract every thing before last two periods eg. Input: Output: AA.BBB.12 Following is the sample query I am using but that returns only the characters before first period, but that is not I needed. Answer I would use REGEXP_REPLACE here: The regex pattern .[^.]+.[^.]+$ will match starting with the second to last dot, all content until