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Hide duplicate column cells in view

First of all, this here doesn’t solve my problem at all. I tried this too. I want generate random unique fake data (first name and address) I used the following SQL request: The result apparently looked like this (the addresses repeat themselves for the next name too): How do I make the first names AND addresses unique? Please note this

SQL Select random rows partitioned by a column

I have a dataset looks like this and i need a query which returns 2 random values from where country in (‘a’, ‘c’): Answer This should work: Replace rand() with random() if you’re using Postgres or newid() in SQL Server.

Want to run a query multiple times using a for loop and add each result into a dictionary. This code only execute once even as it loops through

I have a query that take a random sample of records. I want to do this multiple times and add each result into a dictionary, which I will concat into a pandas DataFrame later. This code only execute once even as it loops through. Answer cursor.fetchall() doesn’t execute the query, it just fetches the remaining results from the query that

Update columns based on calculation

My table looks like this: I have a list of id’s connected to datestamps. I can manage to calculate the difference between their latest and first entry as follows: However, I am unsure how I can update my table to reflect these calculations. What I want is the following: Answer In MySQL, you can self-join: I would not necessarily recommend

Generating never used before random number in SQL

I am using the function below to generate a random number between 0 and 99999999999. However, I need to make sure that the returned number has never been used before in the same app. In .net I would create a while loop and keep looping until the returned value is not found in a table that stores previously used values.