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R : x comparison (1) is possible only for atomic and list types

I am using R. In a previous post (R: Loop Producing the Following Error: Argument 1 must have names), I learned how to make a function (“create_data”) for my code. Now, I am trying to modify this function. First, I create some data to be used for this example: Here is the modified version of the function: The error results

Adding rows to a table respecting the key columns structure

I have a very large table, which follows these structure (I past it here simplified): Product Line Name Quantity Unit Cost Pepe 10000 Lucia 4 UD 8 Pepe 20000 Santiago 7 UD 5.5 Pepe 30000 Mariangeles 10 KG 6 Antonio 10000 Naiara 4 KG 8 Antonio 20000 Toni 7 KG 3 Vanesa 10000 Lucia 4 UD 8 Vanesa 20000 Santiago

SQL query to get data without hours in timestamp column

I have written a code and sql query to get data from database: I get this dataframe: I want to write another query to get data only for 2019-05-29: but it brings me an error: How could i do that? How could i get rid of hours in timestamp column in my sql query? Desired result is: Answer toDate(timestamp) SELECT