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How to split an array in Clickhouse based on custom condition

I am trying to find a way to split my array when the next element is smaller than the previous element. Here is some sample data [100, 200, 500, 100, 150, 200] I need to convert this to [[100, 200, 500],[100, 150, 200]] I am trying to calculate the running difference of the array and I need to handle the

I am getting this error on inserting data in ClickHouse

Unknown error field: Code: 27. DB::ParsingException: Cannot parse input: expected ‘”‘ before: ’40”,”gmtoffset”:0,”open”:109.6,”high”:109.6,”low”:109.6,”close”:109.6,”volume”:0,”previousClose”:108.4,”change”:1.2,”change_p”:1.107}n’: (while reading the value of key timestamp): While executing JSONEachRowRowInputFormat: (at row 1). (CANNOT_PARSE_INPUT_ASSERTION_FAILED) (version (official build))] Create table query is simple insert query: Answer The type of column ‘previousClose’ is ‘Int32’, but the value in realTime is the float type. I tried your problem with

How to parse a Clickhouse-SQL statement using ANTRL4?

Objective : Add an additional WHERE clause to any given Clickhouse statement. I’m using the following Antlr grammars to generate Java classes for a lexer & parser. Lexer grammar Parser grammar Problem : I cannot figure out/understand how to interact or create the appropriate POJOs for use with the generated classes that Antlr produces. Example of statement Goal