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R: “Fuzzy Match” and “Between” Statements

I am working with the R Programming Language. I have the following tables (note: all variables appear as “Factors”): I am trying to “join” (e.g. inner join) this tables on the following conditions: 1) if table_1$id “fuzzy equal” table_2$id AND 2) if table_1$date BETWEEN(table_2$date_2,table_2$date_3) I tried to write the following code in R to do this: Question: But I am

Creating a cumulative sum column with_order in R

I’m working alongside a SQL tutorial using queryparser and tidyquery in R. This has been going well until I was asked to do: Tidyquery reported that it did not support OVER functions so I am trying to replicate the OVER (PARTITION BY…) function with dplyr. This led me to with_order(order_by =… in dplyr. Now I’m struggling with getting the fun

Adding rows to a table respecting the key columns structure

I have a very large table, which follows these structure (I past it here simplified): Product Line Name Quantity Unit Cost Pepe 10000 Lucia 4 UD 8 Pepe 20000 Santiago 7 UD 5.5 Pepe 30000 Mariangeles 10 KG 6 Antonio 10000 Naiara 4 KG 8 Antonio 20000 Toni 7 KG 3 Vanesa 10000 Lucia 4 UD 8 Vanesa 20000 Santiago