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Using Classic ASP – SQL – JSON

I’m trying to serialize a SQL query in Classic ASP to a json object and I have found some great code that helps me achieve that but where my issue comes in is I then need to manipulate the output that is returned by the QueryToJSON(cmd, arParams).Flush I need to take the value and add some string / text to

JSONB sort aggregation

I found this query that suits my needs thanks to this answer here in order to sort fields of data in a JSON document. (Fake, generated random data) SELECT jsonb_agg(elem) FROM ( SELECT * FROM …

Correct json formatting in ms sql server

I have the following SQL table I wrote this code to format result as JSON, but can’t get it in the desired format. If i name all product columns as name then sql returns an error Use different names and aliases for each column in SELECT list. Sql code: Current output: Desired output: Answer You may try with the next