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How can I import a JSON file into PostgreSQL?

For example I have a file customers.json which is an array of objects (strictly formed) and it’s pretty plain (without nested objects) like this (what is important: it’s already include ids): And I want to import them all into my postgres db into a table customers. I found some pretty difficult ways when I should import it as json-typed column

Filtering existing objects with SQL query

I’m looking for a library that could filter javascript collections of objets from a SQL query. No such results on Google :/ For example, this objects collection… filtered with… would return… Do you know if such a library already exists ? Or should I devellop it by myself… ? (Uhh –‘) Thanks all ! Answer Thanks for all these answers

Query JSON inside SQL Server 2012 column

I have a column inside my SQL Server 2012 table which contains following Json data. Now I want to use this column data in my query like Is there a way to query JSON data in SQL Server 2012? Answer Honestly, this is a terrible architecture for storing the data, and can result in some serious performance issues. If you

Multiple strings in one SQL field

I am trying to revamp an order system for an e-commerce web site. The header table for the orders is tbl_orders, that’s working fine but there is another table underneath that (so to speak) called tbl_orderitems In this table tbl_orderitems I store an Id that refers to the items image but sometimes there is more than one image associated with