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Filter data based on group SQL Netezza

Please I have the below table, I need to filter the data based on the DATE column, In the Sus_ID level if the DATE column has NULL get this row or if the hasn’t NULL record will get the row for the newest DATE the desired result should be the below I tried the below code but it didn’t work

Teiid not performing optimal join

For our Teiid Springboot project we use a row filter in a where clause to determine what results a user gets. Example: SELECT * FROM very_large_table WHERE id IN (’01’, ’03’) We want the context in …

Difficulty filtering by Select Column

I’m going to apologize in advance. I basically stumble through SQL as projects need done but my knowledge is rather lacking, so I apologize for any incorrect terminology or poor syntax. I would appreciate it if anyone would be able to help me out. I have the following query. I have also attached pics of the current Output and the